Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Toe

God Is With Us, God Is Love

About Trusting God

About Reading Your Bible

Driving Around Town

About Controlling Relationships

About Taking A Break

Dream Of 2 Paths

About Life In Prison

Cat School

About Being Alcoholic

About Making Cartoons And Webcomics

About Belief In God

About Your Ancestry

Jail Can Be Fun

Night Drive - A Poem

About Smoking Weed*

*Note: This is about smoking weed, for recreational use. Not using other forms of marijuana, such as oil for seizures, etc. God made the herbs for medicine, it's true. I'm no expert, all I know is, smoking it is spiritually dangerous, that's what I'm talking about here.

About Deworming Cats

Drawing With Amy

Praying For A Hedge Of Protection

About Foot Fungus

About Technology

About The Complex Mysteries Of Life

About My Pink Owl Shirt

Bad Sunday School Teacher

About Cars

About Breast Implants

Happy Cake

Bathroom Coffee

Bathroom Ramen